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  • How do I wear my hair when wearing a veil?
    That's completely up to you, these veils will look stunning whether you wear your hair up or down. But if you wear it down, make sure you tell your hair stylist to back comb or make a small anchor/braid in your hair so that the veil doesn't fall out easily.
  • What if the veil I choose doesn't match the colour of my wedding dress?
    Our veils come in White and Ivory which makes it so much easier to match your dress. We also offer Bridal Consultations so you can try on the full collection. One of our Angels will come to your place and help you colour match your favourite veil to your dress.
  • How long does it take to recieve my veil after puchase?
    About one week. Please give us three working days to dispatch your veil and you should recieve it with in 2 days via Australia Express Postage.
  • Can I get a refund if I don't like my veil?
    We only offer exchanges. We do offer Bridal Consultations where one of our Angels will come to your house and you can try on the entire range. They can also help you match your favourite veil to the colour of your dress.
  • Can I still book a Bridal Consultation if I haven't found my dress yet?
    Of course! There is no pressure for you to buy a veil from this consultation. This is just an opportunity for you to take your time and look through the range. In the comfort of your own home you can privately try of the veils and see what you feel comfortable with. We do suggest you wear a simple white dress for when your trying the veils on to give you a clear idea of how it will look on the day. But don't worry if you don't have one, our Angels can bring a beautiful simple slip dress we keep on hand specifically for these appointments.
  • What happens at a Bridal Consultation?
    One of our experiences Angels will come to your place and give you a private showing of the entire range. This is an awesome opportunity to invite your close family or brides maids to this appointment as its extremely special and momentous trying on veils with your dress. Our Angel will also help you choose the perfect veil for your bridal look and assist colour matching to your wedding dress. We also offer an upgrade on this service as a Hen's activity. This is such a fun warm up activity for any Hen's Party! Think of it as pre drinks with all your nearest and dearest including champagne, platters and a fun show of trying on veils with the bride of course being the centre of attention, before you head off on your decadent lunch, party bus or night club hopping. (maximum party of 20) Please contact us at for bookings and more details.
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